Lovra Academy is an approved provider of the Directorate for Higher Education and Competence in order to offer Norwegian education and social studies for adult immigrants. Read more about Kompetansepluss work here:


What is Kompetansepluss?

Kompetansepluss work provides companies with the expertise. Does your company need replenishment of expertise? Kompetansepluss work is a public subsidy scheme that allows companies to get tailor-made courses that are adapted to the company's needs. The target group for the courses is adults with low formal competence or people who for various reasons do not use the education they have from their home country. This in turn will help them receive the necessary training to master demands and restructuring in an ever tougher working life. Companies and voluntary organizations in all industries can apply for courses through Lovra Academy.

This can be applied for:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Billing
  • Digital skills
  • Verbal communication
  • Norwegian
  • Sami

This is how Kompetansepluss works

In order to apply for courses, the company must have from 5 or more employees within the target group. Lovra Academy who is the provider must then identify these to know what to apply for. Prior to the application process, together, we will find out the needs of the participants and the company has to put together the right courses with good utility.

If their company is awarded courses, together with you will prepare a course plan that will serve as a training plan through the course. All educators who work for Lovra Academy will at all times be updated in education that competence Norway requires. It is necessary to be able to organize and carry out the course in line with the competence Norway's statutes.

It has been found over many years that competence-enhancing measures have many positive effects and it has been documented that courses through Kompetansepluss in the workplace lead to:

  • More employees are equipped to take a professional letter/subject tutoring.
  • Fewer faults and less wasted potential.
  • Better reporting.
  • Better understanding by instructors and routines.
  • Smoother working.
  • Better customer service.
  • People who are out of work strengthen their opportunities for participation in working and social life.

This is what we can do:

Lovra Academy will complete and complete all application documents. We have the whole and full responsibility for the courses being completed, and we have ongoing contact with competence Norway throughout the course period.

The courses are completed either by digital teaching via zoom or teams, or that the teacher comes to the company and has a physical course. We will go as far as possible to comply with the business and participants' wishes.

Contact us if you want competence raising for your employees and companies and we will take a nice meeting.

Play Video about Kompetansepluss
Play Video about Kompetansepluss